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Pirtek – Fast Fill Diesel & Fluid Systems

Exclusive distribution arrangement for Australasia. This arrangement will now enhance the availability and serviceability for the entire Fast Fill product range in conjunction with Fast Fill USA and will provide solutions to your requirements. Pirtek provides sales, service and technical support for the Fast Fill range via a network of 21 Service and Supply Centres located around New Zealand. Fast Fill products service your diesel powered units; which include Diesel, Coolant, Transmission & Hydraulic Oils Crankcase Fill & Evacuation

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SKV / SSKV (Stapleless Underground Mining Fittings)

The new style of hydraulic fitting is an Australian first, bringing to market several significant advances in safety and fluid delivery technology. The SKV (low-pressure) and SSKV (high-pressure) hydraulic hose fittings combine a state-of-the-art locking collar and ring assembly – in place of a “staple” – to secure male and female couplings together. The collar, a two-piece cylindrical enclosure, fits securely around both the male and female ends of the hose coupling. Precision machined grooves on the male and female coupling ends match with grooves on the collar. The collar forms an effective “clamp” around both sides of the coupling.

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IRPLF (Industrial Rubber Premium Liquid Food) Hose

Pirtek’s new premium liquid food hose is a recent addition to our liquid food milk and dairy products hose range. It is a hardwall hose, particularly suited to suction and delivery of milk and dairy products, with a 3:1 safety factor. This hose has a higher pressure and temperature rating compared to our standard liquid food hose and is a more robust. An ideal hose for collection from a tank truck. FDA tube. Temperature Range: -40°C up to +120°C

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IRSAB (Industrial Rubber Super Air Bull) Hose

Our industrial rubber super air bull hose has steel wire plies for compressed air in severe working conditions such as quarries, mining and heavy duty industrial applications. This hose has a heavier construction and higher temperature capability to suit bull hose applications, with a working pressure of 69 Bar with a 4:1 safety factor. This hose can handle 135°C with peaks up to 150°C and has a MSHA outer cover. Safety grip checks are recommended and readily available.

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